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Bank Profile

Formed in 1995 through mergers of several local financial institutions, 1st Mariner Bank is headquartered in Baltimore City and serves central Maryland. On January 1, 2002, the 1st Mariner Bank consolidated the operations of its wholly-owned subsidiary, 1st Mariner Mortgage Corporation, into a newly formed operating division of the bank titled 1st Mariner Mortgage.

A Customer-Focused Bank

1st Mariner Bank is an FDIC-insured, independent community bank providing commercial banking services, with particular attention and emphasis on the needs of individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. You’ll find many of the same financial products and services that are offered by many larger competitors. However, 1st Mariner was built to provide more personalized service by offering its customers access to local bank officers who are empowered to act with flexibility to meet customers' needs and build long-term banking relationships.

Products and Services

The bank products and services provided by 1st Mariner include traditional checking and savings deposit products, a variety of consumer loans and commercial loans, residential and commercial mortgage loans and construction loans, money transfer services, as well as Online Banking and Mobile Banking services.


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