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1st Mariner Career Benefits

1st Mariner offers a family-oriented work environment and a highly competitive benefits package, which includes medical, dental, vision and prescription benefits along with life, short- and long-term disability insurance. 1st Mariner employees are eligible to enroll in our 401(k) plan and have the option of opening a flexible spending account. Our in-house training programs and educational assistance help to ensure internal advancement throughout the company. Paid time off and special banking options for employees are two more great reasons to join the 1st Mariner team. 

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Employee Insights

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to talk to your potential new co-workers before your interview? How about the opportunity to get a feel for the company culture and management style? Well here it is—the chance to get answers to some of those questions that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable asking the person who is interviewing you.

Here are some questions that we’ve asked a few members of our 1st Mariner family that may help paint a picture of what it’s “really” like to work for 1st Mariner Bank:

  • How do employees interact with each other?
  • Do employees feel their jobs are rewarding?
  • Is there managerial support and encouragement to move forward and grow with the company?
  • Tell us about your day…  What keeps it interesting? What keeps you coming back?

Read what our employees had to say in response.

Mariners Moving Up: Career Advancement

1st Mariner Bank seeks individuals who believe in our mission. We mentor our team members through programs such as Red Carpet Service and through on-the-job experience. We encourage participation and involvement at all levels of our family. Team expertise is developed by fostering creativity, self-responsibility and self-directed teamwork—and by rewarding productivity and performance.

We encourage all qualified team members to apply for any available opportunity within their branch, their region or the company, as they expand their product knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their value to their teams. To support advancement from within, all openings for positions at branch level and higher are listed on our internal job site. Many other openings are posted as well, from all around the company.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet – A Message from Our Training and Employee Development Team

At 1st Mariner Bank, we’ve determined that the key to our success is rooted in our commitment to customer service. The key factor separating us from all of the other financial institutions is our ability to provide a level of customer service that no one else can match. We call this “Providing Red Carpet Service the 1st Mariner Way.” To reinforce our quality of service, employees attend an internal training program that focuses on the difference between providing good customer service versus rolling out the red carpet for our customers. This Red Carpet theme has been adopted throughout the bank and is reinforced with the Red Carpet Service Award Program. Not only do we roll out the red carpet for our customers, we also promote a high level of respect for our internal 1st Mariner family.

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