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Employee Insights

We could try to explain to you what it's like to work for 1st Mariner Bank, but why do that when you can hear it firsthand from the employees themselves? Read on to find out how people really feel about working for 1st Mariner.


    “I have the greatest opportunity working with a fantastic crew at 1st Mariner Bank. I believe that our Bank’s culture depends on the personalities and experiences that each team player brings to the table. My team members’ genuine ability to be professional while still allowing their true personalities to show through when interacting with our customers ROCKS! 1st Mariner Bank is definitely a cool place to work. I truly feel that 1st Mariner Bank is here to serve the community, and that there is much potential for growth within the Bank.”    

-Saruth Chu, Commerical Lending

  "I can honestly say that [in my experience] NO other place of employment acts as much like a huge family as 1st Mariner does. No matter where you go in this company, everyone is extremely friendly and caring and wants to help you succeed in the company. The environments at other businesses that I have worked for have been anything but nice. 1st Mariner Bank is nothing like them. If you have never seen a 1st Mariner branch, take a look at one! Each branch has a "warm-fuzzy" feeling to it—when you walk through the doors you see plants, comfy chairs and windows. Basically everything you'd see inside a home, you see inside our branches. It makes ME feel at home. I finally feel as if I work for a company that actually cares about its employees. We’re not just a number on a piece of paper. 1st Mariner Bank tries to make sure each employee is fully trained and feels confident and comfortable to succeed at the tasks they are given daily. Feeling welcome and appreciated by the company you work for makes you want to go to work and push yourself to do whatever it takes."

-Samantha Wolfkill, Hickory Branch

          “I came to work for 1st Mariner in 1998. I currently work in our Consumer Direct Department, which is part of the Residential Mortgage Division of 1st Mariner Bank. Like our Residential Mortgage Department counterpart that produces loans with realtors, builders and advisors, our Consumer Direct Department is another way to reach the public by means of interaction in the age of electronics without the loss or reduction of customer service or product availability. My job as a Senior Mortgage Consultant has given me a very rewarding experience, as every day I know I have the ability to help make someone’s dream come true. There is nothing more gratifying to me than to see a smile on someone’s face or to receive a message of gratitude from a customer. The mortgage industry is one that is always moving and can change quickly without concern for the employees or the customers, but that isn’t the case here at 1st Mariner. 1st Mariner takes very seriously that which a lot of larger institutions seem to forget: the “customer” and the “employee.”  These are the foundations on which 1st Mariner was built, and on which they still base their reputation today. They offer all the opportunity you can find in advancement and all the assistance needed to succeed. This is without a doubt the finest experience I have ever had in my banking career.”

-Charlie Maykrantz, 1st Mariner Mortgage

          “I have been working at 1st Mariner Bank for a little over 7 years. I feel my job is very rewarding because it allows me to help employees with their training needs; from training current employees in new systems and programs, to welcoming new employees into the banking world by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in their new position. 1st Mariner Bank cares for the training and development of each one of its employees. It is great to know that the company I work for encourages everyone to grow professionally. I enjoy working with all levels of employees here at 1st Mariner Bank, from entry level to management.”    

-Carol Trader, Training & Employee Development

          “I have worked at 1st Mariner Bank for 13 years. The cool thing about it is the family atmosphere. A lot of people have been here since the beginning, which shows this is a great place to work. The growth opportunities are plentiful. As I moved up through the ranks of Commercial Lending, everyone was willing to help along the way. Now I enjoy doing the same thing for others who are willing and looking to learn more.”         

-Lance Johnson, Commercial Lending


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