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Our Management Team Speaks Out

The atmosphere at 1st Mariner Bank is very unique. The community feel we provide to our customers starts with our employees. See for yourself by reading our senior management team members' perspective on 1st Mariner's culture.

Mark Keidel, President

          “1st Mariner’s goals are the same today as they were when the bank was founded in 1995. We want to be the local bank that serves Baltimore and its surrounding communities. We do this by providing quality commercial and retail banking products with a passion for personal service. What I enjoy most about working at 1st Mariner Bank is the people who work here and their commitment and loyalty to our mission. Honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and a willingness to operate in a team environment and serve others are essential qualities of our employees here at 1st Mariner Bank.”

Paul Susie, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

          “1st Mariner Bank is all about the people. This place is a family. We’ve even seen people who have left and come back because they found that there’s really no other place like us out there. That’s what makes this place so much different from any place I’ve ever worked before. You can walk into any one of our offices anytime you want to talk. We work together as a team. If you’ve got a problem, talk to me. I’ll help you out in any way I can. I don’t put unreasonable expectations on people, but I do like to give people opportunities to take on higher tasks that they have not done before. I like letting people try different things to see what they like and where they best fit.”

Linda Edwards, Senior Vice President, Branch Administration

          “It’s a different culture here at 1st Mariner Bank – a very caring culture. I call it our ‘corporate family’. We started out as a very small bank, then we literally built everything that we have today. I’m a firm believer that the success of 1st Mariner Bank is only as good as the people who represent the Bank. I look for the personality of the potential employee. A great majority of our staff started from the teller line and worked their way up. I believe that you can always teach people banking as long as they have that fire inside of them that drives them to want to be successful.”

Dennis Finnegan, Executive Vice President, Retail Banking

          “1st Mariner Bank really lives up to the challenge of being a local community bank. We are consistently responsive and sensitive to our customers, and that’s very satisfying to me as a manager. 1st Mariner Bank is very much a first name organization. Everybody works together well, and all of that inures to the benefit of the service quality that we’re able to provide our customers. I like employees who truly enjoy what they’re doing and who are willing to roll up their sleeves and participate in whatever needs to get done. When I see that kind of effort from an employee, I make sure that that employee is recognized and rewarded for his/her effort.”

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