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Mariners Moving Up

The 1st Mariner Bank team is like a family. That's why we like to give employees the training and encouragement they need to move their way up the 1st Mariner ladder as they expand their product knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their value to their teams. To support advancement from within, all openings for positions are listed on our internal job site.

Below are a few stories from 1st Mariner employees who are taking advantage of our opportunities for career growth and advancement.


         "After migrating to this country, I worked for three years in a large bank. In 2004, I joined 1st Mariner Bank.  In spite of my experience and knowledge of opening accounts, loans, and other platform responsibilities, I choose to step back and become a teller. I met my Regional Manager one day in a training class. After sharing with her my past banking experience and the reasons I chose to step back and become a teller, she said, 'I see a lot of potential in you and you will certainly go a long way. You should continue to learn your current job responsibilities, but also learn the responsibilities of the position that you really want.' This advice marked a major turning point in my career. I was soon promoted to Customer Service Representative. I was based in the Dundalk branch, but I often traveled to the other branches in the region. This position was like a limitless ocean with no boundaries of learning. This position led to several promotions. All of my Branch and Regional Managers have always been very supportive in helping me enhance my career. I am really proud to be part of 1st Mariner Bank’s team, and it is truly a great place to work!"

- Vidya Mishra, Cockeysville Customer Service Associate

        "Before being promoted to my current position as a Branch Manager, I started as a teller with no prior banking experience. Within a year I was promoted to Teller II. Not long after that I was able to be promoted to a Customer Service Administrator and started learning platform responsibilities. After about a year and a half I was offered to become an Assistant Manager at the Westminster branch, which was a brand new branch at the time. After three years of being an assistant, I was promoted to Branch Manager. My path was most definitely supported by my management teams. I was fortunate to work with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people we have, and I was able to learn from them. Even my mistakes were turned into learning opportunities that have helped me get to where I am now. You're only as good as your teachers, and I've had some of the best. Thank you Dale, Verna and Saul!"

- Corey Wright, Westminster – Branch Manager

          "My current title is Operations CIF Manager VP. I started my career with 1st Mariner Bank in 1995 as a Bank Teller at our Canton branch. I was then promoted and transferred to our Loch Raven branch where I worked as an Assistant Branch Manager. I later accepted a new position at our main headquarters office in Canton as an Operations Specialist to supply support and guidance to our branches and departments within our bank. I have been working in our Operations department for over 15 years and have since been promoted two more times to Vice President where I still reside today. I have truly been supported by my peers and management team. Our culture at 1st Mariner Bank is to succeed. The recognition and encouragement given to me throughout the years has allowed me to move ahead in my career path."

- Patti Vaughn, Vice President, Operations – CIF Manager


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