The Branch of the Future is Here

by Jhonell Campbell 20. November 2015

To serve you better, we are proud to announce the opening of our Timonium branch located in the Timonium Square shopping center at 2129 York Road, Timonium, MD 21093. The existing Cockeysville branch closes at the end of business on Friday, November 20th and our new branch will reopen on Monday, November 23rd at 9 a.m. at the new Timonium location.

The new Timonium branch has earned the title “The bank of the future” because of its sleek design and new technology. The branch will include an interactive technology bar, business center, lounge, conference room, and all-in-one ATMs. This branch is not just a space for existing customers; it is a space for the community. The public, including those who do not bank with 1st Mariner, are welcomed to use the conference space and business center to host business meetings, free of charge. The lounge-like environment allows members of the community to have a designated space to collaborate together, even over a cup of coffee.

The relocation and redesign is the first branch of what we plan to use as a model for future growth and expansion.  “We see the relocation as a superior opportunity to connect the Timonium, Cockeysville and Lutherville markets together in one convenient location,” said Wade Barnes, Director of Retail Banking at 1st Mariner Bank. "As Baltimore’s community bank, we want to provide the best facilities, products and customer experience possible, because that is what our customers deserve."

We are excited about this new direction and we invite you to visit the new location to check out all that it has to offer.

25 Before 25

by Jhonell Campbell 2. November 2015

Your twenties is a time of transition and also a great time to set the foundation for your life. Creating a list of goals has helped me keep track of where I am and where I would like to be in my personal and professional life. That being said, here is my list of twenty-five things to accomplish before the age of twenty-five:


1. Earn a bachelor’s degree

2. Earn a graduate degree

3. Read at least 5 self-help books


4. Have at least 3 months wages in savings

5. Invest in the stock market

6. Own a car

7. Start retirement savings


8. Expand your professional network

9. Earn a promotion at work

10. Perfect your professional wardrobe

Exploration and Adventure

11. Travel to Europe

12. Take a trip to Las Vegas

13. Go on a cruise

14. Take a vacation with your significant other

15. Go skydiving

16. Attend a music festival

17. Attend a wine festival


18. Participate in a marathon or 5K for a good cause

19. Spend time volunteering to a cause close to your heart

Health and Well-being

20. Have a regular exercise routine

21. Develop a relaxing and healthy hobby

22. Learn how to cook more than the basics

23. Try a drastic make over

24. Let go of all people who no longer serve a positive purpose in your life

25. Most importantly, grow to truly love yourself

If you are already past the 25 mark, how many of these items were you able to accomplish before the age of 25?

What You Need to Know About the New Chip Cards

by Wade Barnes 19. October 2015

On October 1, there was a major shift in the way debit and credit card fraud is handled. If you didn’t notice the change, you’re not alone. Read on to discover how this shift could affect you.

Have you recently received a new debit or credit card in the mail? If so, it is likely enabled with new EMV chip technology. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, has become the standard across the globe for debit and credit card transactions. The United States is one of the last countries to adopt the EMV technology. The EMV cards, or chip cards, include a chip which reduces the risk of fraud. With the chip, each transaction has a unique code assigned to it, unlike the magnetic stripe that contains unchanged data that can easily be replicated. If someone were to steal the information from a magnetic stripe, the data could be replicated over and over again. If a fraudster stole chip card information, duplicating the transaction would never work because the unique code can only be used once. Essentially, the adoption of chips cards is an effort to reduce the significant amount of fraud seen in the United States.

If you haven’t yet received a chip card, don’t worry. If your card provider is opting to switch over to the EMV compatible system, you will automatically receive a new debit or credit card in the mail. It is the card provider’s responsibility to make the choice if their customers are going to have EMV compatible cards, which many already have or plan to do.

As of October 1, 2015, the way that fraud is handled with these new chip/EMV-compliant cards shifted significantly. Before October 1, if a fraudulent transaction using a chip card occurs on a magnetic stripe terminal (an establishment that had not yet switched over to EMV technology), the card issuer would be liable for the costs. Now, that liability has shifted to the merchant. Merchants can reduce their liability for fraud by installing the new EMV compatible payment terminals. Luckily, this shift does not directly impact consumers.

You can still use the EMV card on a traditional magnetic stripe reader. Because the EMV technology is so new and merchants are still adjusting, the chip cards that are being issued are equipped with both EMV and magnetic stripe capabilities.

Overall, consumers can expect little impact from these new cards and terminals. Consumers should be excited that steps are being made to protect them from fraud with no action or cost required at their expense. The cards are safe and a step forward in fraud protection in the United States.

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