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by Admin 30. July 2009

Part of our role is to make sure that we maintain the safest and most secure channel for you to manage your finances, and in an effort to constantly improve that security we recently added an additional feature to our site. Some of you may have noticed it, most of you probably did not, but there is a new image at the bottom of with Cyveillance written across it. You’re probably asking, “how does that little image make the site more secure?” Well, that small seal allows us to protect you – the best customers in the whole world – from ‘phishing’ scams.

Not familiar with the term phishing? As defined by the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) phishing is an attack in which an electronic identity is misrepresented in an attempt to trick individuals into revealing personal credentials that can be used fraudulently against them. In other words, it’s when hackers us malicious tactic’s to trick users into giving up their personal data. One way to accomplish this is by ‘spoofing’or copying a site to make it look like a legitimate site.

Still a little confused? Let’s draw up a scenario. You decide to visit – because it’s the coolest site out there – to check your finances or read this awesome blog. You arrive on a site that you believe is Suddenly, the site prompts you to input your personal information for what sounds like a legitimate reason. You enter in your information and the site allows you to proceed further. What has just happened is that your information was harvested by a false site made to look like 1st Mariner’s.

How did that happen? There are several ways and most of them are due to malicious code being placed on your computer by unsecured downloads. Unfortunately, companies such as Western Union, AOL, SunTrust, eBay, Amazon, Paypal, Earthlink, and Citibank have all had their customers fall victim to this crime.

So how does that image protect you from such scams? The Cyveillance image is part of a larger service that we subscribe to that monitors the web for any potential phishing threats to Not only are we alerted but if you come to our site and do not see the Cyveillance seal than there is a possibility that you may be on a spoofed site.

Remember, we will never prompt you for any personal information on our site. If you are unsure about the site you are on or have a question, do not hesitate to call, email, or chat online with our customer service department.

Customer Service: 410-558-4200, email, or chat online



Social Media + Local Bank = ?

by Admin 16. April 2009

You may not have noticed it lately, but we’ve been up to some pretty interesting things here at 1st Mariner. We have redesigned our blog, changed our Facebook page and recently added a Twitter account. If reading Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean much to you, then this article is for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz surrounding social media and you’re probably curious why a local bank is using it. Well, it’s simple, one of our objectives is to provide excellent customer service, and an effective way of doing that is maintaining a socially connected communication channel between us and our stakeholders (i.e. you!).

An interesting example of how we are using social media is the Facebook contest we built for our new First Access checking account. The First Access account is a checking account made for 18-25 year olds with great features added just for them. During the development of this project we realized that this account will be used for a lot of first purchases (car, college expenses). We wanted to provide a means for our users to share their firsts with the rest of the community. So, considering many of the targeted customers have Facebook accounts, we built an application that allows our First Access users to share their first stories using Facebook. The benefit for us is offering a great product and providing a medium to help others share interesting stories. The benefit for the First Access users is connecting with like-minded people while entering a contest to possibly win $250 for a great photo or story. Win, win!

Another example worth noting is the publicity we have been receiving for our Twitter account. In fact, 1st Mariner’s Twitter account was rated within the top 10 Banks and Credit Unions on Twitter by Net.Banker. How has Twitter proved to be valuable to a local bank? Aside from just having some great conversations with friends and customers, we have been able to service, poll and alert our customers in real-time.

So now you know how a local bank is using social media to continue its mission of providing outstanding customer service. Your next step should be to join in the conversations with us in one or all of those mediums. We look forward to having meaningful conversations with all of our fellow Mariners.

We're Tweetin' It Up

by Admin 31. March 2009

Wow, what a great month this has been. Not only have we received a lot of interest about our iPhone application (over 500 downloads), but we have also had a lot of interest about our Twitter account accounts. That is right, accounts. Not only do we have a 1st Mariner Bank Twitter account (300 followers) that discusses the industry, Baltimore's local scene, and the bank, but we also have our Customer Service on Twitter. So, be sure to follow us and get in on the conversation and if you have a question about a service or product be sure to send it to our Customer Service representative on Twitter.

Heard about Twitter but don't know what it is? The slide show below is meant for businesses but should explain enough in the first 20 slides for you the get what Twitter is.

Twitter... what's all the fuss about?

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