1st Mariner Celebrates 20 Years with Random Acts of Kindness

by Stacy Tharp 25. June 2015

This year marks the 20th that 1st Mariner Bank has been in business as Baltimore's community bank. As our way of saying thank you to the Baltimore community for helping us reach this milestone, we decided to give back. To kick things off, we've teamed up with WBFF-Fox45 to perform Random Acts of Kindness to members of our community. The first random act took place on Monday, June 22nd at the 6340 York Road Giant Food Store. Click on the video below to check it out!


Random Acts of Kindness


The next random act of kindness will take place on Monday, June 29th at the 1400 Merritt Blvd, Dundalk Giant. We also have a number of other surprises that will take place throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more details!

Mother's Day Ideas That Are (Nearly) Free

by Stacy Tharp 6. May 2015

Mom Blocks

Don't know what to get mom for Mother’s Day? The most valuable gifts are the ones that are given the most thought and effort. It’s easy to throw some money down and purchase some material goods, but chances are your mother would much rather have something from the heart, and something that won’t break your bank.

Cook for Her

Everyone enjoys going out for a Mother’s Day brunch, at least in theory. In practice, you will likely be crammed in a busy restaurant to eat overpriced eggs. Staying home and cooking your mom food is not only thoughtful, it’s cheaper and more comfortable and relaxed (you won’t be rushed out of your own home for the next reservation). You can even wake up early and bring her breakfast in bed. And everyone knows you can’t beat breakfast in bed.

Make Her Something

Do you like to draw? Paint? Make jewelry? If you have a crafty hobby, make your mom something beautiful. If you don’t feel you are particularly “gifted” when it comes to arts and crafts, that’s when Pinterest becomes your best friend. Check out our Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts board on Pinterest to get you started with some ideas.

Spend the Day with Her

It doesn’t matter what you do, just make the day about her. In fact, the more low-key, the better. Today, your mom should forget about the everyday hustle and bustle of keeping your lives in order. Take a walk in the park, venture over to a part of town you don’t normally go, even take a day trip to the beach. Wherever you go, your mom will just be happy to spend some quality time with you (keep the cell phone at home!).

Role Reversal

Do all the things she normally does for you. Clean the house, go grocery shopping, water the plants, etc. Most importantly, at the end of the day don’t forget to tell your mom that you have a new appreciation of how much effort she puts forth to make your life easier!

Financial Literacy Month Recap

by Stacy Tharp 5. May 2015

Financial Literacy - 1st Mariner Bank

As Baltimore's community bank, we feel it's essential that we do our part to support financial literacy in our community. During the month of April, we partnered with Operation HOPE: Banking on our Future, and Junior Achievement of Central Maryland to help educate students in the Baltimore community about financial literacy.

Through Operation HOPE: Banking on Our Future, volunteers visited Medfield Heights Elementary School and Old Court Middle School. We educated a total of 176 students about budgeting, banking and credit, and how dignity can play a role in managing your money.

Through Junior Achievement we participated in their BizTown program which is held at their location in Owings Mills. This event allows students to experience the energy of a real economy by being given a "job" and experiencing a simulated typical day in the life of an adult. The event inspires critical thinking, teamwork and decision-making skills.

We also participated in Junior Achievement's JA in a Day program, located at several Baltimore-area schools to help teach their interactive curriculum of financial education, college preparation and work-readiness skills.

During the month of April, 1st Mariner had over 30 volunteers participate in these events. The events were organized by 1st Mariner's Community Lending Officer, Charles Maykrantz, and Associate Corporate Counsel and CRA Officer, Autumn Wallace.

About the events, Maykrantz stated, "The importance of, and our involvement in Financial Literacy is one which shows our effort to help improve the community knowledge through education. It is one which helps to shape the future of our young people and give them a sense of pride in knowing what the future may hold for them and how best to handle whatever life may present. Education sets the tone for their future years. We at 1st Mariner take pride in knowing we do our part to make those years a success."

While April is specifically devoted to financial literacy, the subject is important year-round, which is why we are continuing our volunteer efforts in the coming months.

Visit our Facebook page to view our full album of Financial Literacy Month photos.

Photos courtesy of Operation HOPE: Banking on Our Future, Inc.

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