1st Mariner Bank launches new suite of business and personal checking products

by Erica Starr 27. February 2017
Today we officially announced the launch of our new suite of personal and business checking products. The new product offerings provide an increased level of convenience and flexibility for consumers’ modern checking needs. Many of the new product and service features are free to customers.  In an effort to simplify banking for consumers, we've eliminated unnecessary fees that often serve as an initiation and maintenance barrier to account holders.  Our new products also forgo us... [More]

Three Reasons Every Merchant Needs Chip Card Readers

by Elizabeth Sherman 14. December 2016
Merchants that don’t have chip card readers installed are now liable for card-related fraud customers experience. Here are three reasons to upgrade now. [More]

How to Pay for It: Home Equity Line of Credit vs Other Options

by Kathy Passman 12. October 2016
Many homeowners have become gun-shy about tapping their home equity lines of credit. But your home equity can be a smart financing choice. Here’s how. [More]

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