25 Before 25

by Jhonell Campbell 2. November 2015
Your twenties is a time of transition and also a great time to set the foundation for your life. Creating a list of goals has helped me keep track of where I am and where I would like to be in my personal and professional life. That being said, here is my list of twenty-five things to accomplish before the age of twenty-five: Education 1. Earn a bachelor’s degree 2. Earn a graduate degree 3. Read at least 5 self-help books Finances 4. Have at least 3 months w... [More]

The Bank of Mom and Dad: When to Shut It Down

by Sara Seeger 5. February 2015
No formal application, no interest, and no credit history check- sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? In most cases, this describes the Bank of Mom and Dad. Too often, parents are left in a financial dilemma by giving out zero interest loans to their children, or in some cases, just giving out free money. As parents, you want to give your children the world and help them through all stages of life. Ultimately, there comes a time when the support you give your kids needs to shift from financia... [More]

How Student Loans Can Affect Your Credit Score

by Roberta Pescow 5. November 2014
College graduation celebrates past accomplishments and upcoming adventures. It’s also the point when paying off student loans becomes a tangible financial obligation rather than a future burden. Once you start paying, you’ll feel the effect on your budget immediately. But what may not be apparent is how this debt affects your credit score, which will have long-term effects on almost all areas of your life. Establishing Good Credit When it comes to your credit rating, student loans ca... [More]

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