Wade Barnes Named to Meals on Wheels Board of Directors

by Admin 9. October 2015
Wade was recently selected as a board member for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM), an organization that helps those in need eat well while remaining in their homes. Last year, MOWCM delivered over 1 million nutritious meals to people in our area. [More]

1st Mariner Hosts a Joe Flacco & Kennedy Krieger Meet-and-Greet

by Stacy Tharp 25. September 2015
This summer, while we were filming the latest (and greatest) series of 1st Mariner Bank commercials featuring Baltimore Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco, we invited a few friends from the Kennedy Krieger Institute down to join us. They got the chance to meet and spend time with Joe and even got to take home a few signed souvenirs, and we got the chance to say thank you to a small part of the Baltimore community that has been there to support this bank for 20 years. It was a special day for all of ... [More]

Our Visit to Kennedy Krieger Institute

by Stacy Tharp 18. August 2015
In celebration of our 20th anniversary, 1st Mariner Bank is giving back to Baltimore through a Random Acts of Kindness campaign. We are participating in random acts of kindness around the city throughout 2015 as a way to thank the community for helping us reach this milestone. As part of this campaign, 1st Mariner Bank invited children from the Kennedy Krieger Institute to attend a TV commercial shoot with Joe Flacco. After the shoot, Kennedy Krieger contacted us to see if we’d be interest... [More]

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