1st Mariner Hosts a Joe Flacco & Kennedy Krieger Meet-and-Greet

by Stacy Tharp 25. September 2015
This summer, while we were filming the latest (and greatest) series of 1st Mariner Bank commercials featuring Baltimore Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco, we invited a few friends from the Kennedy Krieger Institute down to join us. They got the chance to meet and spend time with Joe and even got to take home a few signed souvenirs, and we got the chance to say thank you to a small part of the Baltimore community that has been there to support this bank for 20 years. It was a special day for all of ... [More]

Where’s the Football Going to Land Next?

by Stacy Tharp 3. September 2014
Joe Flacco has been busy. Besides gearing up for the Ravens season, he's been throwing footballs all over Baltimore, helping us get the word out about how you can negotiate your signing bonus when you sign on with 1st Mariner Bank. So where's the football going to land next? That's up to YOU to figure out. [More]

Flacco Fridays: It's Back...

by Stacy Tharp 6. September 2013
For the second year in a row, Team Flacco and 1st Mariner Bank are teaming up on Facebook to bring our fans Flacco Fridays - a series of weekly contests that will run throughout the course of the NFL season. Week 1 of the season is here! So, what's the first contest? Photo Search! How does it work? Each Friday, beginning, September 6, 2013, two photos of Joe Flacco will be posted on 1st Mariner Bank’s Facebook wall. At first glace, the photos will look identical...but look ... [More]

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