Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

by Renee' Anderson 7. May 2014
Nine months…NINE…MONTHS. Ten take away one equals NINE. That is how long your mother carried you around in her belly. Whether she had morning sickness or not, back pain or not, the longest labor ever or not…she deserves much more than a Hallmark card (no offense Hallmark). Now, when I say MUCH MORE, that doesn’t mean you should max your credit card out on expensive jewelry, spa certificates and the finest chocolate you can find. Less is more. Since I am a mother myself... [More]

6 Smart Reasons to Start Vegetable Plants from Seeds Indoors

by Ralph Valle 5. February 2014
Why not consider growing your plants from seeds? Early- to mid-February is the perfect time for starting seeds indoors. Six smart reasons to start vegetable plants from seeds indoors. [More]

Cheap Eats on Super Bowl Sunday

by Renee' Anderson 31. January 2014
So the Ravens aren’t in the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a good football game, watch some of the year’s best commercials, eat, drink, and be merry. Here are some inexpensive food ideas for your Super Bowl gathering. All of these and more can also be found on our Pinterest page. Whether you’re keeping it simple or inviting a crowd, these are sure to please, and won’t dent your wallet. 1) Build Your Own Nacho Bar This is fun way to feed... [More]

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