Infographic: Everything You Wanted to Know about Mobile Banking and More

by Sara Seeger 12. May 2014

So you've heard about this Mobile Banking trend, and maybe you've even tried it. Whether you are an avid Mobile Banking user, a newbie to the world of Mobile Banking, or you're just not sure you're ready to jump on the mobile bandwagon yet, the inforgraphic below offers you insightful Mobile Banking trends and facts.


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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

by Renee' Anderson 7. May 2014

Mom Blocks

Nine months…NINE…MONTHS. Ten take away one equals NINE. That is how long your mother carried you around in her belly. Whether she had morning sickness or not, back pain or not, the longest labor ever or not…she deserves much more than a Hallmark card (no offense Hallmark). Now, when I say MUCH MORE, that doesn’t mean you should max your credit card out on expensive jewelry, spa certificates and the finest chocolate you can find. Less is more. Since I am a mother myself, I am certified on Mother’s Day gift giving. That’s right.

Now, I know just where your mind is, “I need ideas.” Some are low budget but from the heart (which I recommend), and some have a higher price tag (but there’s no price limit when it comes to your mom so…):

  • Breakfast in Bed: Don't wake mom too early, but YOU can wake up early and whip up a batch up fluffy pancakes (heart-shaped would be nice), fresh eggs and a side of fruit to get your mom’s day started right! Put your homemade breakfast (made of your mom’s favorite things) on a tray, along with a folded napkin, glass of OJ (or Mimosa), some fresh flowers, and a card. She’ll love it!
  • Hand Painted Flower Pot: Head to Michaels…a mom can never have enough flower pots and spring flowers for that matter! Michaels has plain terracotta pots and paint in one section. Go home and either paint something yourself, or if you have little ones, let them go at it! They can even make a hand print on the flower pot. Grab a pretty spring flower and some potting soil and you’re done! Your mom will have a beautiful, fresh spring flower to look at every day and think of you!
  • If you have some money, the way to spend it wisely is Fitbit®. The Fitbit is a great new fitness tracker that healthy moms are using to get or stay fit. Now, I did say you need to have some money to spend. They run about $100. Check them out, Best Buy carries them.
  • If you’re really on the ball- photos! You have a couple options here. You can go online to and spend the money to overnight a small but sweet photo album with your favorite pictures for mom, or you can swing by Target, Walgreens, or any store with a photo stand, with your phone (or CD, flash drive, etc.) and print out some pictures that mom will enjoy looking at displayed in her house. Grab a fun frame or photo album and you're done! Put a nice heartfelt card in the bag with it and mom will love it!

Moral of the story/blog/game is…give your mom something from the heart. You mean the whole world to your mom and all she wants is for you to show her how much she means to you. (Remember, I’m certified.)

Didn't see anything here that really struck your fancy? Visit our Mother's Day Pinterest board for more ideas.

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Bitcoin: What's with All the Hype?

by Wade Barnes 29. April 2014


For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and a digital currency. Bitcoin with the capitalized “B” is the payment system and bitcoin with the lowercase “b” refers to the currency. In theory, Bitcoin digitizes the payment system and offers protections from identify theft, debit/credit card fraud, and other forms of modern day financial intrusions. Despite this, many government agencies aren’t fond of the system as the anonymity creates an environment for illicit activities.

I could go on and on about Bitcoin itself but I don’t think that’s what the hype should be all about. In my opinion, Bitcoin isn’t the final answer but it prompts us to think of a world where cash, checks and cards are out, and a fully digital transfer of money happens – and happens immediately.

From a merchant’s perspective, money has immediately transferred from the buyer’s account into the seller’s account. No temporary credits and imaginary holds in the background but a true exchange of money from one party to the other. Without the temporary provision of debits and credits there isn’t a chance that the money wasn’t actually in the buyer’s account, which means no overdraft charges and no losses to merchants or to banks when customers write bad checks or overspend with their card.

I certainly don’t want to knock debit cards as they have revolutionized the way we pay for goods and services, and while they’re a great method of payment, it still is not immediate. Popmoney® and other person-to-person payment forms have revolutionized the way we can exchange money between individuals, but the payment is still not immediate.

The theory of Bitcoin revolutionizes the movement of money in a cashless environment where the money is digitally and securely transferred from the sender’s account into the receiver’s account immediately without holds, credits, or overnight processing.

While Bitcoin has its flaws and some of these have recently questioned the stability of the infrastructure, Bitcoin has challenged us to think about the exchange of money and I’m positive it has prompted the beginning of the end for cash, checks, and cards.

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