Fundraising effort by our Anne Arundel County branches

by Kevin Lynch 1. April 2009

In support of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, the 1st Mariner Bank branches in Anne Arundel County are conducting various fundraisers in the coming months. So far, they have raised $800 towards their goal of $2,000. On Tuesday, April 7th, they are holding a "Spirit Night" at the Chick-fil-A restaurant at the Annapolis Mall. From 5-8 PM, present the coupon below and, based on the evenings sales, the restaurant will make a donation to this very worthy cause. If you are out in the Annapolis area, we encourage you to stop by, enjoy a meal and help support our team's efforts. Simply print this blog post and take it with you to the restaurant or visit one of our Anne Arundel County branches to pick up a coupon. Thanks for your support!
American Cancer Society Spirit Night Annapolis Coupon


We're Tweetin' It Up

by Admin 31. March 2009

Wow, what a great month this has been. Not only have we received a lot of interest about our iPhone application (over 500 downloads), but we have also had a lot of interest about our Twitter account accounts. That is right, accounts. Not only do we have a 1st Mariner Bank Twitter account (300 followers) that discusses the industry, Baltimore's local scene, and the bank, but we also have our Customer Service on Twitter. So, be sure to follow us and get in on the conversation and if you have a question about a service or product be sure to send it to our Customer Service representative on Twitter.

Heard about Twitter but don't know what it is? The slide show below is meant for businesses but should explain enough in the first 20 slides for you the get what Twitter is.

Twitter... what's all the fuss about?

Help Me, Help You!

by Admin 27. March 2009

We're really digging the new blogging platform here at the bank and have some really interesting things to discuss on here. But, before we start to post, we need to know what interests you. So, tell us what topics you want to talk about or want us to talk about. In other words, help us, help you!

Please use the comments section of this post to give us some ideas for future topics.


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