What is short selling

by Admin 31. October 2008

First, let me start off by saying Happy Halloween.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun time.  Moving on, I had some great responses to the previous video I posted on the Credit Crisis.  Many of you were asking detailed questions about other topics and one of them being short selling.  While I am not familiar enough to discuss the intricacies of it, I do have – yes, another video – this video from Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch of Marketplace to explain it in terms we can all understand. 



Net.Finance East Conference

by Kevin Lynch 27. October 2008

The Net.Finance East Conference kicks off tomorrow in New York City. Net.Finance East is a 2-day forum focusing on next generation marketing initiatives for the financial services industry.

In addition to attending, I'll be part of a Panel Session exploring the mix of online and traditional marketing strategies to promote customer engagement. Things like FaceBook, Blogs (like this one), and other online tools that our customers use on a daily basis to connect to their world. It should be an interesting conference, even more so with the current financial services challenges in the industry. I'll provide some highlights from the conference when I return later this week.


Google Maps tells you where to vote

by Admin 27. October 2008

Yes, I know, I can't believe this but the election is less than a week away and I have no idea where I need to go to vote.  Lucky for me - and others - Google has added a new map layer that shows you where to vote on November 4th.  All that Google's 2008 US Voter Info Map requires is your home address and it will show you the closest voting locations. 

With the previous post on getting "time off from work to vote" and now with a complete map of voting locations, you have no excuse - aside from divine intervention, age requirements, or citizenship - for not voting.


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