Raving Fans

by Kevin Lynch 1. July 2008

What makes someone such a loyal customer that they are willing to refer friends and family to that company? In this era of increased competition and higher consumer expectations, that is a question many of us are asking. So let me pose the question to you. What are some of the experiences you've had that made you a "raving fan" of a particular retailer, vendor or service company?

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7/25/2009 2:31:03 PM #

What makes me a ‘raving fan’ is great service, ease of use, convenience, appreciation for my patronage, respect for my time and of course value.
Most of us will compromise rate or price if the service is exceptional. To me, service trumps everything else.

For example, when I shop at QVC I can shop on line or pick up the phone and I can place an order in minutes. They do all of the work; all I have to do is know what I want. They will even offer an opinion or assistance with a decision if needed.

Buying is easy, delivery is prompt and returns are simple. The process is so easy that you really need to practice discipline and good judgment so as not to over spend. I should buy stock in their company, they are a great model on how shopping can be handled well. As consumers we hope for a good deal and to be treated fairly. When we get outstanding service along with that, we naturally become ‘raving fans.’

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