Tune out co-workers, or take a nap.

by Admin 8. August 2008

When I first started to work for 1st Mariner over three years ago I was right in the middle of a cubicle farm where fellow coworkers loved to congregate. After several weeks of knowing everything there is about Survivor, I finally came to the conclusion that I had two options: either tell them to go away or drown them out with music from my iPod. I chose the latter and unfortunately there was little relief. I have never been able to fully concentrate when music or a TV is on. However, I found a solution!

I found this via Delicious. SimplyNoise is a white noise generator that runs directly in your browser. This is a great service to aid in concentrating at work, or getting in the zone for a nap when the boss is gone. With SimplyNoise, you can dial in how much noise you want with a simple volume slider that’s independent of your system volume.

If you find having the browser window open in the background annoying, there’s also a standalone player over on Download.com.



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