Set a snooze for events.

by Admin 15. August 2008

We have all been there, someone asks you to pick something up or you have to attend an event that is not part of your usual weekly routine and you forget. I do this on a regular basis, most of it being work related – let’s hope that doesn’t show up in my next review. What is one to do if you don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry to remind you? In steps Resnooze.

Resnooze is an online tool that lets you schedule in daily, weekly and/or monthly reminders to do something. What makes this tool interesting and separate from Google or Yahoo’s calendar tool is the multiple options you have once a reminder is delivered to you. You can simply get rid of it, or be reminded about it again – hence the whole “snooze” thing.

For now, Resnooze is limited to e-mail nagging, so if you’re looking for a more intrusive solution you might want to simply use or stick with Google or Yahoo calendars, both of which have an option for mobile SMS and instant-messaging reminders, although neither have the “snooze” option.


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