A fresh new look for Mint.com

by Admin 19. August 2008

A lot has changed with the online account aggregator Mint.com over the past year. One of the most notable is the number of users, now topping 400,000. That may be a small number for a consumer service, but it is enough to make Mint the largest online personal finance service to date. While traditional, desktop based software like Intuit’s Quicken has a larger share of the market; Mint has a larger user base than Quicken’s web version.

An interesting fact about Mint’s users is that they are younger than Quicken’s, and 40 percent of its new users are women. Quicken and Microsoft Money is still 85 percent men.

The most obvious change is the clean, new look of the site which included a complete overhaul of the homepage.

The service also now connects to investment accounts, loans – including student, car, and personal – and mortgages. I have been using Mint for almost a year now and I have found the service to be extremely useful. I have not utilized any of the recommendations to save money but I enjoy the accounts overview and automated transaction labeling.


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