Let the web broker your time.

by Admin 26. August 2008

It seems as though there has been a plethora of sites to help with organization, and lately there has been a strong emphasis on time brokering. For people who have to schedule a lot of one-on-one meetings – either for personal or professional reasons – a site like TimeDriver could be a great help.

TimeDriver is designed to help broker meetings by allowing you to set up either one-time or recurring blocks of time, and send people links that let them grab appointment times in those blocks that remain unclaimed.

TimeDriver can link to Google or Outlook calendars if you want to make sure you’re not duplicating appointments, and the system will write appointments back into your calendar when people claim times. You can also put a link in your emails and take appointments from anyone – that could be dangerous. There are more advanced features that can prevent scheduling last-minute meetings or seeing more than a few time slots. One criticism however is the lack of buffer times between meetings, which could cause issues if you have to travel between them.

The site has a tool to send out emails to everyone on your list and will track all of their responses.

The basic TimeDriver service is free. Paid and enterprise versions will get additional features, such as calendar pooling, analytics, and custom branding options.

My recommendation, convince your dentist to use TimeDriver.


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