To-do lists made simple.

by Admin 3. September 2008

To-do lists, who doesn’t have those? I have developed quite a complex system of sticky notes in blatantly obvious places as my GTD tool (“getting things done”). Maybe you have your own convoluted to-do list, or maybe you’re looking for a solution, either way I recommend checking out Toodledo. Don’t be fooled by its funny name, Toodledo has been quoted as one of the most deep and full featured offerings on the market.

Toodledo is a task organizer that allows you to enter and access data from multiple channels. You can plug into your task list via mobile phone, start pages like Netvibes and MyYahoo, Twitter (a new favorite of mine), and various widget engines like OS X’s Dashboard and Vista’s Sidebar. The interface is wonderfully simple, consisting of a rundown of what you have to do and some empty boxes to check off whatever you’ve done.

Now, some of the really cool features of Toodledo exist outside of its core Web service. You can use speech-to-text service Jott to simply call in and leave a to-do item. The system will convert your call into one or more to-do items while managing to pull out any dates and times.

Another interesting method is the Firefox extension that lets you create and manage list items without having to use a separate application, or maintaining the site in another browser window or tab. It also has a contextual menu option which allows you to easily categorize to-dos. For example, say a friend emails you something they want for Christmas, simply highlight the name, and right click to send it to your “to-buy” list. You can also do this with entire chunks of text and it will simply pull the dates and add the entire clipboard into the notes section of that item.

Toodledo probably has more features than you’ll need but those looking for more, including file storage for group to-do collaboration, as well as analytics that can find trends in your to-do history, can be added with the premium plans that run between $15 and $30 a year.

For a full breakdown of what’s included and what’s not, along with a competitor comparison, click here.


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