Get to Know Your Banker

by Kevin Lynch 2. October 2008

What do you do if you receive a bank fee for accidentally overdrawing your account? If you are like most people, you call the bank's 800 number and ask to have it refunded. Assuming this is a one-time occurrence, many banks and savings institutions will forgive this type of mistake and refund the fee. Case closed.

However, what about the minor annoyances that get under your skin, like frequent ATM fees or the delayed availability of funds from a check you've deposited? Most people will simply live with them. My suggestion is to get to know your local branch manager.

As the "business owner" of the local branch, they can often provide options to relieve your pain. And in the case of larger issues, like a lost or stolen debit card, they can help you maneuver through the various back office areas to get you a resolution. So, the next time you are around the local branch, take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the branch manager. In these turbulent financial times, you never know when you might need help.

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Julie Arnsdorf
Julie Arnsdorf
3/20/2009 4:34:55 PM #

Kevin, this is a really, really great idea! And, so simple, too. It would be a shame if some branch managers are not amenable to being so open. While my branch manager has a hidden office and not very accessable, I have made "friends" with a personal banker who now greets me by name. She's located near the front of the office. . . very accessable. Again, this is a simple idea that can go a long way.

Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch
3/20/2009 5:40:59 PM #

Julie, Thanks for your comment. You make a very good point. It is often the other front office people, like the personal bankers, who you should get to know. They tend to be more accessible than the branch managers, as you noted in your post. They can also be more knowledgeable than the manager as they deal with many of the same issues on a more regular basis.

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