Community Spotlight - Jobs, Housing & Recovery (JHR)

by Pat Wellbrock 8. September 2009

1st Mariner Bank is committed to understanding the community it serves. We are proud to play a vital role by supporting and partnering with worthy organizations that improve the lives of families directly benefiting from their service. Check back with us often as we shine our spotlight on one of those organizations.

1st Mariner Bank is proud to support Jobs, Housing & Recovery (JHR)

Everyday JHR provides an emergency lifeline for up to 275 homeless men and women in Baltimore. JHR offers 80 homeless individuals a chance to escape from drug abuse and rebuild their lives. JHR is substance abuse recovery, housing, jobs, education, and training.

JHR provides programs designed to take people from the streets of Baltimore to a self-sufficient life with a job, stable housing and free from substance abuse. They serve the poor and indigent in Baltimore without charge. JHR has its own social enterprise program that provides job-training experiences for its clients and income to support its programs.

The majority of JHR staff members are recovering from substance abuse. They provide their clients with living examples that recovery, self-sufficiency, and re-entry into society are realistic and attainable goals.

Just one example of how JHR is recovery put to work, is Jerome. Jerome had a long history of drug abuse and less than a 9th grade education. Seeking help, he entered the JHR program at Carrington house in July of 07. Today, with over ten months of being drug free, he stands proudly with his High School GED, he earned in May.

JHR is recovery put to work!

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