What motivates you?

by Admin 28. May 2010

Here is a great video I found today on Lifehacker that explains -  through empirical evidence - what motivates people.  Not only is the information fascinating and contrary to what you would assume, but it's illustrated in a white board fashion. 

Be sure to comment about what motivates you.  Maybe we can help one another put our motivations into a new perspective.  


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5/28/2010 9:14:11 PM #

Enjoyed that. Good share.
I think it also explains why so many people are leveraging social media tools/platforms to create their own content and fulfill their own visions. They want the autonomy to pursue their own ideas ... autonomy that is not always offered in the workplace ... they can fill that need with blogging or flickr or youtube or whatever.
There's such an opportunity for company's to leverage the creative drive and talent of its employees... but it truly requires a top-down commitment to that kind of culture, which can be pretty hard to come by, it seems.
Thanks again.

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