Are your Children Financially Savvy?

by Wade Barnes 24. October 2011

Financial Literacy Throughout my years working for 1st Mariner Bank and observing credit trends across the country, I've learned how little most young adults (and even some older adults) know about managing their finances and what affects poor management might have on their life. Because of this, I've spent some time working with local schools to help bring financial literacy into the classroom. There are many great programs that exist to help educate students but we may have a chance to help further this effort by making this part of the curriculum for Maryland students.

I feel strongly that our future and that of our students will be brighter by providing them with financial literacy courses. Through these courses, students will learn about saving, investing in the future, managing budgets, and how to manage credit. This will not only help them personally but will also provide an excellent foundation for our next generation of future leaders.

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