Celebrate Mom without Your Wallet

by Stacy Tharp 9. May 2013

Mother's Day

After all she’s done for you, having just one day devoted to your mother just doesn’t seem like enough. That’s why you may feel inclined to shower her with expensive gifts and outings. But think about it – would your mother really want you taking out a second mortgage on your home for just one day? Didn’t she teach you better than that? Here are some ideas on how you can make your mother feel like the special woman that she is without going broke this Sunday.

Make Her a Meal

Stay away from the crowded restaurants and instead stay home and cook your mother her favorite meal! You will be able to enjoy a nice quiet conversation over delicious food made with your secret ingredient – love. Best of all, you won’t be rushed out to make way for another group as soon as you finish eating. Depending on what you make, you may spend a little bit more on this meal than the average meal you cook, but it should still be much cheaper than eating out!

Go on a Day Trip

Drive to the beach for the day and relax, or visit DC where you can take advantage of the free Smithsonian museums. Spending a day together is more meaningful and less costly than material gifts.

Give Her a Homemade Gift

There's nothing more thoughtful than a homemade gift. Now if you are thinking that you aren't creative and crafty enough to produce something nice, check out our Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas board on Pinterest. The simplicity of some of these ideas may surprise you!

Do Her Chores

Don't let your mom lift a finger on Mother’s Day! Clean her entire house, wash her car, run her errands, etc. If your mother is always on top of things and needs nothing done immediately, create some “vouchers” for her to use in the future for various tasks.

Write Her a Letter 

This is an especially good option for those who do not live close to their mothers. So when I say “write,” I mean with a pen, not a keyboard. And when I say “letter,” I mean on a physical piece of paper or greeting card, not a computer or phone. Write something thoughtful and detailed – something that could only come from you. Then put it in the mail (as in post office service, not internet). Physical letters are much more sentimental then electronic messages.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your mother knows how much you appreciate her and everything she’s done for you!

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