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Automated Investment Sweep Services

By connecting a primary cash account with an investment account, 1st Mariner’s Automated Investment Sweep Service helps you earn interest on your cash on hand, automatically. Sweep accounts often out-perform interest-bearing checking accounts, helping your money work harder for you.

How Automated Investment Sweep Accounts Work—For You

Each day, 1st Mariner Bank’s automated investment sweep service monitors your company’s account balances and invests an agreed-upon amount into an investment account, leaving a pre-determined minimum balance in your primary cash account at all times. The transfer or “sweeping” of funds from your cash account into your investment account occurs on a same-day basis. The sweep interest rate is variable and may be adjusted daily. Net interest income is compounded and declared daily and credited daily.

Types of Investment Accounts that an Automated Investment Sweep Account Invests In

Funds from your accounts are “swept” into a repurchase agreement. Repurchase agreements are backed by U.S. agency securities or cash, making them one of the safest investment vehicles available. Detailed information on repurchase agreement investments will be shown on your monthly checking account statement.

Advantages of Automated Sweep Accounts

People primarily open automated investment sweep accounts to earn a potentially higher rate of return, without undue risk.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accessibility: Make a withdrawal when needed, just like your regular account.
  • Convenience: No need to personally juggle funds between your checking account and an investment account, as your minimum balances are maintained automatically.
  • Relatively Low Risk: Diversified money market mutual funds and government-backed repurchase agreements are among the safest short-term investment products available for a cash sweep program.

Make Your Money Work Harder, with Our Automated Investment Sweep Service

Having your money automatically invested for you in short-term, low-risk investment funds may be a smart practice for your business. Learn more from one of our Treasury Management representatives. Call us today at 410-735-2003, stop by a nearby branch or email us:

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