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Funds Management

1st Mariner knows how important the efficient management of funds is to the health and profitability of your business. It’s all the more important if your business uses multiple accounts. Our fund management services help you automate transfer activity between funds, while also helping you leverage the accounts you have on hand.

Client Escrow Service

Our Client Escrow Service allows you to set up and maintain a single master account with an unlimited number of sub-accounts for simplified and flexible funds management. By maintaining separate records for each of your sub-accounts and providing detailed monthly statements, this robust fund administration service reduces your headaches without compromising the flexibility you need.

Zero Balance Account

Our Zero Balance Account is an easy, fully automated way to segregate specialized disbursement or deposit activity into individual sub-accounts. By eliminating excess balances in accounts where they’re not required, this robust funds management service lets you put your funds to more profitable use with minimal effort required of you or your employees.

Learn Which 1st Mariner Funds Management Service Can Give You an Edge

Learn more about moving business funds between accounts by talking with a Treasury Management representative at 1st Mariner. We’ll help clarify the advantages in one simple conversation. Give us a call us at 410-735-2003, stop by a nearby branch or email us at

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