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ACH Collection Services

You’re in business to receive the money people want to pay for your product or service. It only makes sense that the sooner you get your receipts, and the fewer expenses you incur in collecting them, the better. 1st Mariner’s ACH Collection Services automates receipt collection and allows you to concentrate funds from accounts at other banks, improving cash forecasting in the process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Drastically reduce your processing costs for receivables.
  • Accelerate your receipt of receivables by automating collection through debt origination.
  • Allow you to better pinpoint collection dates, improving cash flow forecasting.
  • Reduce your in-house expenses associated with paper processing and bank deposits.
  • Eliminate mail and processing float associated with paper checks.
  • Allow remittance information to be appended to each transaction for reporting and recordkeeping.

Put the Power of ACH Collection Services to Work for Your Business

1st Mariner’s ACH Collection Services uses the same transaction-clearing network you depend on for Direct Deposit, so you may know more about ACH Collection Services than you thought. But if you have questions about them or any of our other Treasury Management Services, one of our Treasury Management representatives will be happy to answer them. Stop by a nearby branch today, call 410-735-2003 or email us at

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