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Cash Concentration

If your business needs to move money easily and conveniently from remote locations to 1st Mariner Bank, or from 1st Mariner Bank to other financial institutions, our Cash Concentration is for you. As with all of our Cash Management Services, Cash Concentration gives you better control of your cash and makes your business more efficient.

Cash Concentration Is Powerful, Yet Simple to Set Up and Use

Getting started is as simple as designating a concentration account and specifying all of the accounts that will be debited. These can be located at any financial institution that is a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, which includes the vast majority of financial institutions.

For security purposes, funds can only be transferred to and from accounts specified by you in writing when you implement the service. Any changes to these accounts must be requested in writing. You can then transfer funds electronically through the ACH network from remote deposit accounts as needed, either by touch-tone telephone or through 1st Mariner Bank’s Online Banking service. Your concentration account will be credited with the total transfer amount the day after the transfer is initiated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pool all excess cash into one account.
  • Increase investment opportunities and reduce borrowing expenses.
  • Minimize balances in multiple depository accounts.
  • Improve control of company cash.
  • Reduce the time and expense required to transfer funds.
  • Increase security.

Put the Power and Benefits of Cash Concentration to Work for You Today

1st Mariner’s Cash Concentration is a great way to easily and securely move money between financial institutions. To learn more about it, and any of our Cash Management Services, talk to one of our Business and Executive Bankers today. Visit a nearby branch, call 410-735-2003 or email us at

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