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Deposit Reconciliation

1st Mariner’s Deposit Reconciliation lets you centralize deposits from multiple locations into one account, while maintaining the autonomy of each location. By assigning unique location numbers and serial numbers (per your company’s reporting requirements) to printed deposit tickets, each location’s unique information is read, verified and captured, and your account is reconciled.

Deposit Reconciliation Reduces Fees, Streamlines Accounts and More

Smart business owners take a competitive edge wherever they can get one. 1st Mariner’s Deposit Reconciliation is one such edge.

Features & Benefits:

  • Concentrate funds from multiple locations, simply and efficiently.
  • Enlarge your cash pool to enhance investment opportunities.
  • Reduce borrowing expenses.
  • Maintain autonomy of individual deposit locations.
  • Improve headquarters control with detailed, daily information for each location.
  • Eliminate the expense of maintaining multiple deposit accounts.
  • Simplify reconciliation efforts while reducing accounting overhead with daily, weekly or monthly deposit reports.
  • Reduce the time and expense of centralizing deposits.

Learn More About Deposit Reconciliation

1st Mariner’s Deposit Reconciliation is a powerful way to simplify accounting if your business takes deposits from multiple locations. With the time and cost savings, you can focus on your core business. Talk to one of our Business and Executive Bankers today to hear how business owners are using Deposit Reconciliation and our other Cash Management Services to their advantage. Call 410-735-2003, stop by one of our branches or email us at

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