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Online Business Banking

1st Mariner Bank’s online business banking service, called 1st Online, gives you secure, ready access to the information you need to manage your business, with the tools you need to bank at your convenience, from wherever you happen to be.

You'll enjoy the convenience of:

  • Time - saving shortcuts and user-friendly online resources.
  • Daily statements, summaries and access to consolidated balance and transaction reporting integrating all company accounts.
  • Easy-to-export bank account information to other applications such as Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Enhanced electronic check management.
  • Multi-level password protection and flexible account-access privileges.
  • Easy-to-use internal funds transfer and reporting.

Contact a bank representative at 410-558-4200 or toll-free 1-888-561-BANK (2265), or visit your nearest branch to get started with 1st Online.

Online Business Banking - Everything You Want, and More

Spend some time getting acquainted with how easy and how powerful 1st Mariner’s online business banking services are.

Features & Benefits:

  • 24/7 Account Information Reporting - Get consolidated balance and transaction reporting on all company accounts with current-day, previous-day and historical reporting. Daily snapshots of all company accounts are ready whenever you need them, and for whatever time period you specify.
  • Comprehensive Check Management - Need to put a stop payment on a single check? Do it electronically, with 1st Online. You can quickly and easily research the status of an issued check, access images of paid checks, or request a copy of a paid check - from anywhere you have online access.
  • Internal Funds Transfer Made Easy - From the convenience of your home or office, initiate funds transfers between your business accounts.
  • Loan Information and Reporting - Stay on top of commercial loan balances, due dates and payment history, with accurate, secure information that’s just a mouse click away.

Additonal Services We Offer:

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination - With the click of the mouse, your company can initiate such ACH transactions as direct deposit of payroll, insurance premiums, and dues collection.
  • Bill Pay - Your company can enjoy the convenience of online bill payment tailored to meet company requirements.
  • Wire Transfer - Send wire transfer instructions securely and efficiently.
  • Positive Pay - Accurate, timely information to help you manage your accounts and safeguard against fraud and errors.
  • Source Capture - Prepare your deposit, scan the checks using an approved scanner, and transmit the deposit electronically using 1st Online.

Contact your nearest branch or a bank representative for more information about these additonal services.

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Online Business Banking and Your Security

1st Mariner Bank recognizes the high level of sensitivity about your company’s online business accounts information. That’s why each of our technologies uses two levels of secure passwords as part of our fraud prevention program. Dynamic menus display only the accounts to which the user has been granted access, determined by you.

You Owe It to Your Business to Learn More About Our Online Business Banking Services

Want to hear how businesses all around Baltimore and throughout Maryland are leveraging the power of 1st Online? Talk to one of our Treasury Management representatives today. Call us at 410-735-2003, stop by a nearby branch or email us at

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