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The Anatomy of A Check

The Anatomy of A Check

1. Monogram or Symbol

An optional monogram or symbol is available on checks.

2. Personalization

This area is for up to 5 lines of your personal information, including name(s), address and phone number.

3. Check Number

This sequential number printed in two locations helps to keep track of the checks your write.

4. Fraction

This fractional number identifies your bank.

5. Dollar Box

Area to write the numeric amount of the check.

6. Bank Information

The bank's information must be printed on the check.

7. Routing Number

The nine-digit number identifies your bank. 1st Mariner Bank's routing number is 252070752.

8. Account Number

This is your checking account number, assigned by your bank.

9. Signature Line

Account owner signs the check here to authorized its use.




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