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Savings Account Products

At 1st Mariner Bank, we offer three savings account products to help you plan and save the way that works best for you. To learn more, stop by your branch and talk with one of our representatives or open your savings account online today.

Statement Savings

Get total flexibility with our Statement Savings account with the ability to make deposits and in-person withdrawals any time you want.

Absolute Savings

Take advantage of no minimum balance requirements with an Absolute Savings account (only available to seniors 55 and over or minors under 18).

Winter / Summer Savings

Set money aside the easy way by keeping Winter / Summer Savings account funds separate from your primary savings account.

Savings Account Product Comparison

Here’s a look at our three basic savings account products.


Savings Accounts

Statement Savings

Absolute Savings

Winter / Summer Savings

Interest compounded daily and credited monthly*


Interest compounded daily and credited at maturity*


Monthly statements can be combined with other 1st Mariner accounts


Free access to all 1st Mariner and MoneyPass® ATMs


Access to your account 24 hours a day with a 1st Mariner ATM Card or Visa® Check Card when you also have a checking account**


Free direct deposit of Social Security, government or payroll funds


Some transfer limitations


Age requirements***



* Interest rates may change without notice.

** ATM card and Visa® check card not available for minor accounts.

*** Absolute Savings account available to seniors 55 & up and minors under 18.

Choosing From Our Savings Account Products

Our representatives are available to walk you through our savings account products to help you develop a savings strategy that meets your individual needs. From traditional savings accounts listed above to a money market account or one of our CD / IRA products, we can explain the benefits of each so you get the savings solution that will meet your savings goals.

Open a Savings Account

Start saving with a 1st Mariner Bank savings account. To open a savings account, call 410-558-4200 or toll-free 1-888-561-BANK (2265), stop by a branch near you or open an account online today!

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