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Student Checking Accounts

For many Baltimore area college students (or any college student, really), their first experience with managing a checking account can be a symbol of freedom, as well as an opportunity to learn how to start managing money. The actions college students take with their first checking account or credit card can help form a strong financial foundation when managed well. Early mistakes in managing these kinds of student accounts can come back to haunt young adults when it’s time to buy that first car or even apply for a mortgage to buy a home.

We’ve Built a Checking Account for College Students

To help college students get off on the best financial footing, we’ve created a student checking account that offers the features and benefits that fit the unique needs of a student’s lifestyle. This is a great starter checking solution even if you’re not currently enrolled in college—regardless of your student status, you’re still eligible to open this flexible and easy-to-manage checking account. And you only need $25 to open an account!

Save on ATM Fees

The biggest advantage to our student checking account is the free access to ATMs. Other banks may charge you a service fee, but with this student checking solution, you will not be charged any ATM usage fees by 1st Mariner when you use a 1st Mariner or non-1st Mariner ATM. We’ve saved college students thousands with this student-friendly account benefit.

Apply for a Student Checking Account

Find out what makes our student checking account a great way to help get students started. To apply, call 410-558-4200 or toll-free 1-888-561-BANK (2265), stop by the branch near you or apply online today.

Resources for Student Checking Account Holders

To help you learn how to balance your student checking account—an important habit for good money management—we invite you to use our Checkbook Balancer as a guide. You can also visit WikiHow for a step-by-step guide to learn how to balance your checkbook.

*On the next account cycle date following the date a 1st Access Checking account holder reaches age 26, his/her account will automatically convert to a 1st Mariner Absolutely Simple Checking account.

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