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CD/Savings Secured Loans

1st Mariner Bank offers loans using an existing 1st Mariner Bank CD or Savings account as collateral. We offer quick turn around time from application to approval to settlement.

Your CD/Savings Secured Loan can be used for anything from purchasing a car to financing a dream vacation to paying for education.

Using a deposit account as collateral offers an inexpensive quick source to loan proceeds. We will lend up to 95% of the balance held in the CD/Savings account. The term of this loan cannot exceed that of the term of the deposit account.

CD/Savings Secured loans have the option to be fully amortizing (principal and interest payments) or interest only payments. This allows you to design a loan that fits your individual lending needs.

Get Started with a CD or Savings Account Secured Loan

To apply for a 1st Mariner CD/Savings Secured Loan, call 410-558-4200 or 1-888-561-BANK (2265), or stop by the branch near you.

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