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Collections and Foreclosure Prevention

If you are having difficulties making your mortgage payments, one of the most important things you can do is be proactive. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you are having financial troubles so we can work with you to help keep your home. There are programs that may be available to you to help with your delinquency and avoid foreclosure. The right choice depends on your individual situation. A variety of options are listed below and our team is ready to help.

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Options to Keep Your Home


Forbearance is available if your financial situation is temporary and you will be able to make your mortgage payments within the near future, we may be able to approve a temporary forbearance - either delayed payments or reduced payments, or both - to allow you time to bring the account current.

Repayment Plan

Repayment Plan is available if you can make your regular payment plus an additional amount per month until the loan is brought current. This option may follow a temporary forbearance.


Modification is available in curing the delinquency by modifying the terms of your mortgage/deed of trust to add a portion of the past due amount to the current unpaid principal balance. Extending the maturity date and adjusting the interest rate may also be considered, when necessary, in order to make the monthly payment affordable. 

Options to Sell Your Home

Short Sale

If you can no longer afford your home and the property's sales value is not sufficient to pay your loan in full, we may be able to accept less than the full payoff amount as settlement.

Loan Assumption

If you have a qualified buyer who would like to assume your mortgage loan, we may allow this transfer of ownership, even if your mortgage/deed of trust states that the loan is non-assumable.


If you have had the property listed for sale at fair market value for 90 days with no activity, we can review the account for a deed-in-lieu. If you qualify, we would agree to accept title to the property by warranty deed as settlement of the account.

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Eligibility for the options listed above depends on your individual situation. To find out if you’re eligible please call 443-573-2687.

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