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When you bank with 1st Mariner, you can rest assured that your security is our number one priority. Day and night, we monitor personal banking accounts and business banking accounts for security threats, alerting you at the first sign of fraudulent activity.

Have questions or suspect fraudulent activity in your personal or business account?

Contact 1st Mariner Bank’s fraud prevention team immediately.

How We Keep Your Accounts Secure

We use the most advanced encryption technology to protect your online transactions. In addition, we apply a number of advanced security features to our business banking accounts to keep your business’s financial operations running smoothly. Learn more about how 1st Mariner Bank helps keep your personal and business accounts free of fraud and risk.

Authentication for Online Banking and Online Applications

You may wish to log into Online Banking or complete an online application for a personal loan, a commercial loan or mortgage. Some online applications require more than one layer of authentication before allowing the user access. For example, entering a user name and password is one layer of authentication. A second layer would be the requirement that you register your computer during the initial log-in. If you sign-on from a different computer, you will be asked challenge questions before being allowed to continue.

We use multiple layers of authentication to protect your accounts.

Regulation E Protection for Consumers

Regulation E limits the liability of a consumer for unauthorized EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions. In general, an EFT is unauthorized if it was initiated by a person other than the account holder without the authority of the account holder and the account holder did not receive any benefit from the transaction. Regulation E has two different categories of limitation on a consumer’s liability for unauthorized EFT transactions. One category is when timely notice is provided by the customer and the other is when timely notice is not provided by the customer.  

Visit Understanding Your Deposit Accounts to learn more about Regulation E protection.

Who Can You Call to Report an Issue or Ask a Question?

Customer Service: 410-558-4200 or 1-888-561-BANK (2265)

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