Secure Login

First Time Logging In to 1st Online

The first time you log in after the upgrade is complete, you MUST choose “Business Online Banking” from the drop down box under the yellow “Secure Login” button on the top left corner of our website Any previous Login bookmark you have saved for 1st Online will not work after Monday, August 18th at 9:00 a.m. Following your initial login, you may save the new link to log in to 1st Online.

You will log in using the user name you have always used with a few exceptions:

  1. If your current user name contains a space, the space will be removed as of Monday, August 18th.
    Example: john doe will become johndoe

  2. If your current user name is longer than 19 characters, it will be shortened to 19 characters.
    Example: cashmanagementat1stmarinerbank will become cashmanagementat1st

  3. If your current user name contains any upper case letters, it will all become lower case.
    Example: JohnDoe will become johndoe

Your password will NOT be converting to the new system. Your new password will be mailed and emailed to you the week of August 11th.

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