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Account to Account (External) Transfers

Our Account to Account Transfer service will not be excluded from the system upgrade! After the upgrade you will be able to use the Account to Account Transfer service to transfer funds to and from a 1st Mariner Bank savings account as well as a checking account. Because we are upgrading this service, all current Account to Account users will need to re-enroll in Account to Account Transfers once the system upgrade has been completed on or after October 15th.

Because of this update, your Account to Account transfer history and payee information WILL NOT be retained in our new system. Please save or print any Account to Account history and payee information that you would like to retain before Friday, October 12th.

Until you have re-enrolled, you will not be able to successfully complete Account to Account Transfers scheduled after October 12th. For example, if you set up a transfer on October 1st for October 30th, you must re-schedule this transfer after you re-enroll. Please note that for your security, the Account to Account Transfer re-enrollment process can take up to one week. Be sure to take any necessary measures prior to October 12th to set up alternative payment methods during this upgrade and re-enrollment process.

Please note: Account to Account transfers are EXTERNAL transfers made between your 1st Mariner accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions.

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