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Business Checking

No two businesses are alike. At 1st Mariner, no two business checking accounts are alike either. We’ve designed business checking solutions for companies of every size to ensure we have a checking product that fits your specific business needs. Our business checking accounts include:

  • Business 50 Checking: Accounts for small businesses with lower transaction volumes.
  • Business 200 Checking: Accounts for businesses with a modest number of monthly transactions that don’t maintain a high balance from month to month.
  • Business 300 Checking: Accounts for businesses with moderate-to-high transaction volumes that maintain higher month-to-month balances.
  • Commercial Checking: Accounts for businesses with high volumes of transactions that maintain substantial balances.
  • Community Checking: Accounts for nonprofit or charitable organizations, sole proprietors or government entities eligible to earn interest.

IOLTA, MAHT & Client Escrow Accounts

We also offer industry-specific checking accounts such as IOLTA accounts for lawyers and law firms, as well as MAHT accounts for title insurers, agents and attorneys. We’ve designed our client escrow accounts to save you time and money.

Compare 1st Mariner Business Checking Accounts

The following chart provides a side-by-side comparison of all of our business checking accounts. All 1st Mariner Bank deposits and checking plans are insured, up to allowable limits, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Product Type Business 50 Checking Business 200 Checking Business 300 Checking Commercial Checking Community Checking
Monthly Service


Waived for average monthly balances of $3,500 or greater

Waived for minimum daily balances of $10,000 or greater


Waived if average balance of $3,500 is maintained

Transaction Limits 50 200 300 Unlimited

Unlimited, per item charge

Per Transaction Fees

60 cents per item, in excess of transaction limits

50 cents per item, in excess of transaction limits

35 cents per item, in excess of transaction limits

Account analysis applies,
credits may offset

25 cents per check, 20 cents per deposit ticket/item

1st Online

Available, view only for 1 account

Available, up to 2 accounts

Available, up to 3 accounts

for a monthly fee

Available, view only for 1 account

Minimum balance to avoid service charge $0

$3,500 Average monthly balance

$10,000 Minimum daily balance


$3,500 Average monthly balance


Online Business Banking

1st Online is the easiest, most secure way to monitor activity on any 1st Mariner Bank checking account. View balances, move funds and get transfer details, export information, perform trend analyses and more, at your convenience.

Learn More about a Business Checking Account Today

Find out more about how 1st Mariner delivers personalized business banking solutions. We’re here to help you choose the business checking account that’s right for you. To get started with a Business Checking account today, call 410-558-4200 or toll-free 1-888-561-BANK (2265), stop by a branch near you or fill out the form below.

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