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Personal Security Center

Here at 1st Mariner Bank, your security is our top priority. We use the latest technology to keep your personal and financial information safe from identity theft, fraud and more.

  • Advanced Online Encryption
  • Continuous Account Monitoring
  • Fraudulent Email and Scam Alerts

Rest assured, we will alert you by phone and email the moment we suspect fraudulent activity in your account.

Keep Your Account Safe

You’re the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your private information out of the hands of criminals. We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to keep your account safe and avoid identity theft. Most will only take a few moments, and go a long way toward safeguarding you from the hassle and inconvenience of a breech in your account.

Download our Fraud Prevention Brochure today.

Report Fraudulent Activity

Have questions or suspect fraudulent activity in your account? Contact 1st Mariner Bank’s fraud prevention team.

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